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Real estate is a fast-moving business involving large sums of money. The potential for risk is huge.

When a real estate deal goes wrong, it is a time consuming and costly matter to set straight. To protect yourself and your investment, contact an experienced real estate law attorney at Cornetet, Meyer, Rush & Stapleton, Co., L.P.A., today for a free initial consultation.

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial real estate services, including:

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

We have extensive experience in the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties. We are skilled in the preparation and review of deeds, closing documents, lease agreements, and all other forms of commercial real estate transfer documents. We can help you win many of your legal battles before they even begin by working proactively to protect your interests with a sound real estate contract.

Condominium Law

We assist clients with all aspects of condominium real estate law. Our firm offers service in drafting, reviewing, and amending condominium bylaws, agreements, and other condo documents. In addition, we work to settle disputes between condo owners and the condominium association.

Dependable Services by Skilled Ohio Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you are buying a commercial office building, negotiating a real estate transaction,¬†purchasing an apartment dwelling or litigating a real estate matter, you can depend on our skills and experience in real estate law. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Cincinnati area law firm to discuss your real estate questions and concerns with an experienced attorney.

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Attorneys: D. Todd Rush, Tom Jacobs, & Elliott Stapleton