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Do you want to purchase a business franchise? Are you a business owner who would like to franchise your successful business concept? We can help review your franchise agreement.

For Franchisees

Purchasing a business franchise is one of the best ways to get into business because you are purchasing a business that is already a success. Yet, there are risks involved. Before you sign a franchise agreement, please contact a franchise lawyer at Cornetet, Meyer, Rush & Stapleton, Co., L.P.A., for experienced legal counsel.

We will comb through the franchise disclosure document and franchisee agreement. We will translate the legalese and tell you exactly what the terms of these documents mean to you in dollars and cents, risks, obligations, and rewards. We will negotiate the franchisee agreement on your behalf so that you start your new business on an equal footing with the franchisor.

For Franchisors

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, we can help you establish a franchise operation with confidence. We will meticulously prepare your franchise disclosure document to meet Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. We will draft a franchise agreement that will protect your interests today and in the years to come. We not only help with franchise start up, we will be available to negotiate with franchisees, advise you on franchise operational concerns, and help you resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or if necessary, litigation.

Whether you are buying a franchise or franchising your business, we will ensure that things are done right the first time. Contact our experienced franchise lawyers for a free consultation today.

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Franchise Law Attorneys: D. Todd Rush & Elliott Stapleton