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Domestic relations is a highly personal area of law. It can have a large impact on the lives of all parties involved, especially if the parties have children. Therefore, you will want to be sure that you find a good attorney to assist with your legal representation.

When selecting a domestic relations attorney, you should keep the following criteria in mind:


Domestic relations law changes constantly. Laws vary widely from state to state and from county to county. You want to make sure that your attorney has a strong set of credentials in the area of domestic relations law, for example:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing domestic relations law?
  • What percentage of their practice is domestic relations?
  • What counties do they practice in?


Whether or not this is your first experience with the court system, you will have many questions. You should look for an attorney that is easily accessible, either in person or by phone, and one that will take the necessary time to listen to your concerns and talk with you about your options. Consider these factors:

  • How quickly does the attorney return your phone calls?
  • How easy is it to schedule an appointment?
  • Does the attorney offer a free initial consultation?

Personal Comfort

It is very important to find a domestic law attorney that makes you feel comfortable. After meeting with the attorney in person or talking with him or her on the phone, think about the following questions:

  • Does the attorney have good communication and people skills?
  • Does the attorney understand your values and goals?
  • Is the attorney’s personality a good match for yours?

We hope that this information has been helpful as an introduction to domestic relations law. If you would like to learn more, please contact one of our attorneys for an initial consultation. We are interested in learning more about your unique situation and helping you to achieve your goals.

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