False Real Estate Deed Notice

By: Elliott Stapleton

Recently, home owners in local counties (Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County and Warren County) have received a notice from a company in California requesting payment of $83.00.

The payment request is for a “Recorded Deed Notice” which is not necessary. This alleged legal request appears to be a fraud directed to the elderly to try and trick them to send payment for something you do not need.

While it is unclear what this company would send for your $83.00, whatever it would send is wholly unnecessary. You may disregard this type of notice just as you would a spam email form a Nigerian Prince.

Medicaid protection in Cincinnati OhioFor clients who work with our firm on Estate Planning, Probate, or Elder Law Planning, our office will send you the original recorded deed after we work with the County to update their records.

Here is a link to one of the letters for your reference: Recorded Deed Notice from Fake Company


In addition, here are a few tips to avoid paying one of these erroneous items:

  1. Do a web search for the company name (or phone number) with quotation marks (i.e. “record transfer services”). In the example above, the first result of a web search is “Public Investigator -Deed scam tricks new homeowners…”
  1. The first contact from the Internal Revenue Service is never a phone call. You will always receive a letter before any other form of communication. Here is a link from the IRS with more tips on avoiding tax scams: Erroneous Phone Calls.
  1. Ask your attorney. If you are speaking to the person over the phone tell them to send you information regarding their request and you will review it with your attorney. This request is reasonable and any push back from the caller is evidence the request is a scam.

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